Products & Solutions

Digital Colour Servers

In today’s competitive print market, customers demand high quality and fast turnaround. That’s why your choice of color server is so important. The color server determines the workflow and drives the printer, system productivity and output quality. These factors directly impact customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your success.

Our digital color servers — the premier color servers for print on-demand professionals — optimize the performance of high-end digital color presses, enabling you to take advantage of all the benefits of color digital printing on-demand.

CREO PODS digital color servers can be configured to suit your needs, whether you are a commercial printer, creative services shop, quick printer, or in-house printer. They are efficient, cost-effective and flexible, able to manage your entire print production cycle. They offer you superior image quality, high productivity, and robust variable data printing (VDP) capabilities.

Just ask the industry leaders who offer their high-end digital color printers and presses bundled with our high-quality digital color servers: HP, IKON, Konica Minolta and Xerox.

Why choose CREO PODS digital color servers?

  • For productivity and workflow – Rapid RIP and highly flexible workflow tools improve performance and make last-minute corrections fast and simple.
  • For high image quality: Consistent, high-quality color output, professional color management and color matching tools.
  • For ease-of-use: User-friendly, intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to operate.
  • For advanced VDP capabilities: Support for all leading VDP formats.
  • For JDF compatibility: Complete automation for both simple and complex jobs.

On-Demand Applications

Creo PODS On-Demand Applications group develops software tools for variable data printing, color management solutions and other applications employing print-on-demand technologies. Creo On-Demand Applications provides an extensive line of variable data printing (VDP) solutions for powerful 1:1 marketing. From simple entry-level tools to robust solutions and Web-based distributed-print solutions, WINDOWS or MACINTOSH, QUARKXPRESS or ADOBE INDESIGN, we have a solution to meet your VDP needs. What’s more, we offer color technology software tools that achieve absolute color integrity throughout the digital printing production process.

Our solutions include:

  • The CREO Web Composition Solution, a robust fully-automated Web-enabled variable data printing solution, integrates seamlessly with any web-enabled system.
  • The DARWIN VI authoring tool allows you to easily design, author, and manage full-color complex VDP documents in which every element can be dynamic for MACINTOSH and WINDOWS users, QUARK or ADOBE INDESIGN.
  • The VI Toolbox, designed for shell printing, proofing, and large-scale job creation using MICROSOFT Word Mail Merge
  • The Optimized Mail Merge for enhancing MICROSOFT Mail Merge workflow, shortens proofing cycles, accelerates variable data merge processes, and eliminates production bottlenecks
  • The PROFILE WIZARD Digi, an easy-to-use tool for creating color profiles specifically for color printers – to improve color control of printed jobs.

Our solutions integrate smoothly with Creo digital color servers and represent some of the industry’s leading solutions.

Workflow Solutions

A unified workflow solution integrates offset and digital printing, helping you achieve improved workforce and workflow efficiencies. It also enables you to capitalize on years of operator expertise and benefit from a centralized workflow.

CREO unified workflows allow:

  • More efficient processing of split jobs (printed using digital and offset)
  • Increased flexibility to respond to customer needs, resulting in greater customer loyalty
  • Greater control with centralized workflow management
  • A reduction in errors, production time, and makeready waste
  • Greater automation for faster turnaround times on shorter print runs

With a CREO unified workflow, proofs, short runs, first-offs, and supplementary runs can all be rerouted from a traditional workflow to a digital workflow. Operators can send documents or imposed output from KODAK PRINERGY or BRISQUE workflow management systems for digital print output via CREO digital color server. Learn about CREO digital color servers, connectivity to offset, Variable Data Printing , and Workflow connectivity.